Sarah & David { Wedding Sweets }

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Sarah & David { Wedding Sweets }

We first met Sarah and David at Hayne Barn House Wedding fair, they had already decided they were having Wedding sweets as centrepieces for their tables, however upon seeing our Candy Carts they were so impressed they booked immediately.

It was only during a further meeting with the couple and Sarah’s parents we discovered there plan for the wedding sweets, table centrepieces. They had already purchased the glassware, so we suggested that we took one of them away to provide a quote for filling them and advised even if we didn’t provide the sweets we could fill them whilst setting up the carts.

When we plan for an event we often find that a discussion usually turns into a full mock up of the setup so we can visually see the impact for ourselves. It was at this point we decided that personalised sweet bags would have a much more of a wow factor than the striped candy bags we had initially discussed using.

We also felt the bottom of the glass needed a little something extra, luckily we managed to obtain some limited edition Haribo blue bears known as "Blue’bear’ies" which we mixed with Haribo yellow bears, a nice little touch to tie in with the colour scheme.

We often try and tell people the buzz that the Candy Carts and wedding sweets create at a Wedding, this is an extract of the feedback from mother of the bride.

"There are not enough words in the world to describe the amazing magic you performed on the day and all the extras I know you did.


 I have had lots of feedback from everyone at the venue who, have all said what a fantastic idea it was to have the sweets, everyone was getting up and interacting with other tables and asking to swap sweets etc and it got people talking to each other."

Wedding Sweets Used

Jelly Tots, Skittles, Millions, Haribo Mix, Wine Gums, Jelly Beans, Crispy M&M's, Jelly Babies, Fruit Pastilles, Fruit Lances, White Skittle Disks, Brown Skittle Disks, Jelly Bellies, Rainbow Bites, Cherries, Fruity Frogs, Golden Bears, Strawberry Tarts, Friendship Rings, Heart Throbs, Mega Dust Straws, Shrimps, Bananas, Parma Violets, Sherbert Fountains, Refresher Chews, Strawberry Pencils, Apple Pencils, Sour Cherries, Fruit Salads, Funny Faces, Flying Saucers, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles,  Cola Bottles, Large Cherry Cola Bottles, Nerds, Fizz Whizz, Refresher Bars, Dip Dabs and some Smurfs.

Venue Details

Hayne Barn House
Kent CT21 4EH

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