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Wedding in a Brewery

If you are going to have a party, reception or any other occasion what better place to have it than a Faversham brewery, providing you can organise it.

This is the exact location chosen by Paul and Stephanie, to host their Wedding Reception. What do you do with a historic building steeped in history and home of Britains oldest brewer? You arrange for Make It Sweet a Kent based company to provide a Victorian Hand Crafted Candy Cart. Then you add a little twist to it all by having a Tropical Wedding Theme.

The great thing about a tropical theme is it allows you to utilise some brightly coloured sweets, whilst the couple chose all of the sweets, we did suggest the use of a very old retro sweet “Funny Faces” fruit flavoured shapes filled with Sherbert.

Being a tropical wedding theme we couldn’t resist adding a pineapple, with an added sweet kebab , fruity pops, double lollies and flying saucers. Inspired by the pineapple cubes the bride had chosen.

Luckily the bride and her family were also very fond of Shrimps and Foam Bananas; add some Rainbow Dust Straws, Mega Rainbow Dust straws and some large Blue Dolphins and you are well on way to a completely tropical theme.
Some Galas, parrots, tropical fish and tropical tree also help set the scene and you can see from the picture we managed to catch the Bride and Groom having a great time.

One of the things we loved about this particular cart was the choice of sweets; we love milk bottles even more so when they are dusted. The Kola Cubes also had a soft centre and the couple commented one of the best they had ever tasted.

Wedding Candy Cart Kent Bride and Groom Sharing Sweets Tropical Wedding Inspired Candy Cart

Sweets Used

Funny Faces, Kola Kubes, Pineapple Cubes, Shrimps, Strawberry Bon Bons, Giant Cherries, Giant Strawberry, Fizz Whizz, Double Dip, Dip Dab, Refresher Chews, Giant Dolphins, Rainbow Dust Straws , Dusted Milk Bottles, Heart Throbs, Flying Saucers, Double Lollies, Fruity Pops and Pink and Whites

Venue Details

You can check out website at

Faversham, ME13 7DY

Promotional Sweets

Purple Properties Sittingbourne Launch

An established estate agent in Gillingham Kent, Make It Sweet were chosen to provide a promotional sweets and Candy Cart for Purple Properties Launch of there new Sittingbourne Branch.

The obvious setup was for a colour co-ordinated sweet display, consisting of purple and white sweets, to match the companies branding.  We agreed with the client to use a mix of glassware and cookie jars. Whilst the glassware creates impact the cookie jars have the advantage of being easily labelled/branded which was not only useful for the day, but Purple Properties can use the promotional sweets in the future, especially to keep little ones amused whilst clients visiting them.

Maximising the opportunity of the company branding and colour scheme we also ensured purple and white striped candy bags were used, with stickers with the company logo and contact numbers on them. This allowed Purple to fill numerous bags with sweets and catch passers by, they also went into Sittingbourne High Street to drive people to the new branch.

It was amazing how well the cart blended into the shop, the extension table on the cart also allowed Purple to place there business cards and leaflets, so while people were picking there sweets they were also taking a copy of company literature.

The Candy Cart was a huge success not only with the owners of Purple Properties, but also with there clients such as property developers, landlords and other business. The publicity created in the high street was also well received, after all who would turn down some free sweets?

Promotional Sweets Used

Blackcurrant Millions, Candy Sticks, Milk Bottles, Blackcurrant and Liquorice Humbugs, Dusted Milk Bottles, Parma Violets, Fizzers, Cadbury's Chocolate Spiders, Fruity Pop Lollies, White Chocolate Mice and Wonka Pixy Stix.

For more details on Purple Properties Launch or any property related questions please visit there website

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